Today the rain is heavy, by chance I have a holiday, I do not go out, and so I want to sleep for whole day. The time passed so quickly, when I wake up, it is three o’clock. I am very hungry, so I have to get up and have lunch.

After lunch, I do not like to watch TV, so I start to play the game. First time, I like to buy game gold. After I buy the flyff penya, my equipment upgrade very quickly. Since my equipment upgrade, I can protect myself better. Furthermore, I can kill the enemy. I have never thought I can kill enemy one day. I feel very exciting. I want to become a master. One night, I have a dream; I become a soldier and kill many enemies in the game. I win a lot of flyff money; I think I will not buy flyff penya for a while distressed. I feel very happy. But the most happy thing is that all of the people want me become the king. Let me lead them to the eradication of more enemies. I can not believe my ears. I can not say any words. I do not know what to do. Who can tell me? Who can help me? Then I wake up from a dream. This is just a dream. Perhaps many people think that this game is fit for young people. Maybe they think that play this game is very naive. They do not want to waste of money to buy flyff gold. I think different people have different ideas. We can not say who are right or not. We have our own idea.At one time or another, I do not like to play games. But play games so long time, this game gives me a deep impression. It gives me a good memory. I think I will remember it when I am old. At the moment I have some cheap penya, I wonder I will not use up it. I will store it as the symbol of an era. It will leave me a beautiful memory.Sometimes, love should speak out, if you do not do that, I think not all of the people know your mind. At one time or another, I am a shy person, but now I have already overcome it, I think if you are willing to, you can do it.