I play the network game very little, particularly the game needs you to spend buys Wii Point. Occasionally accesses the net also only to have a look at the information, very little plays the game. But since the Spring Festival from now on, I listen to friend's introduction to start to play this network game. It does not need to buy a card, is the free game. Moreover the picture is also very attractive, the game is very simple. Therefore, I have registered an account number carelessly, started my Cabal Online travel. Starts me not to know how to meet the duty, how to look for the monsters, a friend teaches me fortunately in side, slowly I had known how to operate. I had also known which monster can hit, which monster present hasn't been able to hit. See others are hitting the high-quality monster, I also want to help, but my deathtrap is quicker than everybody. I am really melancholy. But I do not give up this game. Because the picture has been too attractive, leaves me is only diligently, practices the level diligently, practice the level promotion and cabal online alz. I practiced 50 levels finally, certainly I promoted too quickly, and the skill was very unexpectedly bad. Moreover I want to buy good equipment. But I have no cabal alz. Therefore I tried to find solution to make cabal gold. I was certainly with play have made money, the good means low price received some treasures, the high price sold again. Then, I buy cabal alz with some treasures.  A week has gained first 5000W finally, at that time do not raise me to have is happy. I am rich, might buy the equipment which I liked. Practiced the level to be possible again to resist the monster the attack, also which time I had known the skilled equipment might practice the skill to be very quick, therefore bought a set skilled to start to practice the skill with light packs. Afterward, my rank already became very high, I also start to look for person to PK. But because my skill was added mistakenly, therefore I always lost to others. Thanks friends' help very much, I had a little progressed finally. I came out finally. Forever supports earthshakingly, I play first network game.