Humans have the greatest power for creation on planet earth outside of the planet itself with the laws of nature and evolution and all of those natural laws.  We have the greatest power for understanding and learning those laws and applying our own logic to act on it.

We have already had the power to completely destroy the planet for 60 years now with the discovery and use of the nuclear bomb.  Are we capable of accomplishing the exact opposite of destroying the world?  What would be the polar opposite of destroying something?

Call me crazy but I believe the exact opposite of destruction of something is unconditionally and fully understanding, loving, and respecting something.  In short now all of those verbs (love, respect, understanding) would just be called love for short (I forget if verbs are describing words, maybe they're adjectives I'm not sure).  Obviously the planet loves us, it lets us exist on it, even though we have destroyed it in many ways through many of our tools it knows that time will heal all.  Now the atheists think that I've lost all credibility because I'm talking about the earth as a sentient being, I'm telling you just have an open mind when reading this and maybe you can learn something, and I'm not really talking about the earth as a sentient being as well it's much more complex than that.

Now how do we return the love to earth?  It loves us already, how do we become harmonious with the earth?  First off, I think we as humans should be harmonious and loving with each other, from there we will stop bombing each other and the land.  Two creations of the earth killing each other over different ideals is destruction, not love.  Now that humanity is harmonious with each other I think nature (vegetation, animals, trees, and the environment) should be next, with humans only taking what they need from it to survive.

Only taking what you need from nature is a disturbing thought to several people though, we don't need X Boxes, we don't need HD Televisions, we don't need any luxury items that we use, now would we need the internet?  It's a great way to share information and communicate with others so it's a great invention in a time when inventions are used to generate profits.  There are several things that we don't need but we have them stuffed in the garage, what a waste of resources.  Of course we would need transportation, food, and shelter as well, there are some others that aren't coming to mind as well right now.

Here is how to achieve this goal (according to myself), humanities balance of the individual's ego and awareness of others egoes and willingness to help others, and a better understanding of neuroscience and quantum physics, maybe some spiritual teachings as well but they wont be represented as absolute fact.  A better understanding of neuroscience will help humans understand that their brains are just electrical impulses and chemical releases from glands but our brains are so complex that we have become self-aware and are capable of either obeying the brain or doing something else.  A better understanding of quantum physics will help humanity realize that we aren't the end all be all form of sentient life, we are imperfect in an infinite amount of ways so our judgement on anything is imperfect but we can meld quantum physics with spiritual teachings and agree that love is the most positive thing we as humans can do within our universe.

Once humanity can be harmonious with itself, nature, and the planet then we can move on to the universe and literally focus on the big picture.

On a side note, you guys seem to be really confused when I "preach", as you would say, love and then act "non-loving".  I'll use HerbieP as an example, he was the first to act in a "non-loving" way towards me, I then understood that he doesn't understand the golden rule which would be, "Treat others as you would want to be treated.", and can't be reasoned with so it was well justified to call him dense and selfish.  If a dog were to attack you for no reason would you sit there and hug it while it is biting your head off?  I sure wouldn't, I would train it to behave by using force when I have to and giving it treats when it acts harmoniously.  It would be wrong of me or anyone to let a dog as disharmonious as that to roam around and do as it wishes. 

Sorry to use a dog analogy when explaining the situation HerbieP but it was the best example I could think of for a sentient being that cannot be reasoned with outside of your actions towards me and belief that you are right for behaving that way towards another human.