For the Fallen...I tell the tale.

I’ve set sail for the long journey home...
through dark passages and uncharted waters.
I’m just a Vestige of what once was,
with all in toll I go,
forward into a nothingness
as my spirit lifts my soul from it’s mortal shell
I once called home.
I wasn’t afraid to die,
but I regret having to so young.
Death and I are old friends,
having battled on the field of sins
of the Father! Warring against brother—
killing in battle, dying for the sins of Man...Grim Reaper he be!
on the battlefield of slain brothers’
who cry for vengeance to see
justice heed woeful mothers’ plea
for the pain to end—When flag-draped coffins
make their way home
with my mortal remains of bone
from a war long ago.