Early this morning I realized I never wrote a blog about life span vs. life expectancy, although I think about it a lot. Personally, I'm very interested in radical life extension via genomic medicine, and as a result I'm forced to look at the current potentials of the human life span. Looking over someone's shoulder on public transportation, I saw an article in the newspaper today about about genetically manipulating the human life span, and then I also saw a newsflash today on the Wellness Health Education Network (WHEN) about the growing worldwide disparity between wealthy vs. disenfranchised/impoverished countries and the correlation of life expectancy. I guess those were signs that I should write a blog about it. Factors that relate to life expectancy: gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, education level, level of health care, exercise, nutrition, etc... Living in the real world, life expectancy is a prediction of how long a human will live in a present day country, given average circumstances. A baby born in the mid 2000s in the United States has a life expectancy of 77.9 years. This means that if you were born in the mid 2000s in the United States, you will most likely live to be 78.   The human life span represents the numerical age that humans could achieve under ideal circumstances. The human life span is over 120, but gentically, there is no limit to the human life span. Human life span is limitless.