I was a very good wrestler in my younger years and was viewed as a future prospect for greatness in high school. So when it came my turn I was eager to do whatever it took to reach the top. My sophomore year of high school I went from being a healthy 137 pounds down to my weight class of 103 pounds. I did not think that this would take such a toll on my body until it was too late. I had deprived myself of liquids and dehydrated myself on top of starving my body to make weight. My body was fighting to stay alive and I was continually getting sick and losing consciousness from lack of nutrition. When I had my body fat (BMI) checked my fat percentage was below one. For the love of the sport I continued to kill myself in order to try and reach the top, not caring about the abuse my body was taking. It was only a matter of time before parasites had entered my blood stream and were consuming the little nutrition I was actually getting. To this day (5 years later) I still have not rid my body of these parasites and my immune system has to continually fight abnormally hard to keep me from falling victim to what should be easy to fight ailments. I am sick all the time and energy is something in short supply without supplements to keep me going, all of this for the sake of short-term glory. When I look back on it now I realize how stupid it all was. Every time the topic is discussed my mother cries when she thinks about how she almost let her son die for the sake of a sport. When we lose track of what’s actually important in life, we can miss out on what could be giving us life.