Taking the small is the new big notion to its furthest extreme, an MIT Sloan School of Management professor is trumpeting the idea that no-growth is the new growth for businesses in these trying economic times. How convenient! Non-growth is today's latest business stragegy craze.

No, really, says, MIT Professor Emeritus Joe Forrester who calls stagnation opportunity in disguise, at least from the management standpoint. He emphasizes that management schools could revolutionize their mantras to adjust to a low-growth or no-growth economy. "I think one of the biggest management problems is going to be to understand how to manage a successful non-growing company -- and how to get out of the frame of mind that success is measured only by growth." A wild statement to be sure from the man who significantly facilitated modern computing, and modern business, by inventing RAM. Forrester also dimisses the nebulous trend toward sustainability that, in his opinion, is too often confused with short-term survival. "The opportunities that grow out of what is now going on in the name of sustainability are not particularly noteworthy," he says. Read all of Professor Forrester's skeptical comments and other mind-benders in this interview at MIT News.