Do you have any earthly idea how much carbon it requires to print a newspaper? This was the question behind CEO J.W. Marriott's decision to yank complimentary newspapers for his hotel conglomerate's guests after seeing a 25 percent decline in paper requests.

Beginning April 20, Marriott guests will be able to pick up complimentary newspapers in hotel lobbies but will no longer have them waiting for them outside their doors every morning. The measure is anticipated to reduce Marriott's newspaper consumption by 18 million copies a year, or 10,350 tons of carbon. At eight ounces  of carbon emitted per paper, this is more than enough to nudge sea levels just a wee big higher.

Marriott, which has had pretty ambitious green policies for a many years, teamed up with Conservation International to calculate the carbon savings.

Marriott press officer Stephanie Hampton said that "customer expectations are shifting" in framing decision to go paperless. Anecdotally, she said, most guests were now interested in getting news on mobile devices during their stays.

J.W. Marriott will be blogging on Marriott's green strategy tomorrow at his blog.