What if it was possible to use a magnifying glass; the same ones you used to play detective when you where a child. I never did this, because I liked ants in all their might but do you remember burning ants with a magnified glass.  How do you do that? You focus to make a single beam of the suns rays and point at the ant.  What is the Major problem with solar power? The main problem with solar power is that there are so many different rays that can’t be collected by the panels. 


            The panels have to grab rays one by one, the rays are not focus so it is harder to collect them. My thought is what if we where able to take a magnifying glass and point its focus on the panel.  Would this in turn give those panels the opportunity to collect more of the suns rays?  I’m not sure, I’m at least sure someone has tried it before.  So what if on top of the panel we placed a sheet of plastic that has circled shapes. All around it, the cirlced shapes would focus the suns rays and flash them completely onto the panels.


Would this help to give Solar more of those hasty 90% of rays we can’t grab on to?


I have no idea, but it’s a thought, anyone like to shed some light on this.