Naive are those who think that there was something called "israel" bfore 1948 when the Zionists started their terrorist massacares agains the civlians and drove them out of their already destroyed villages and towns across palestine. After the massacres the civilians fled out and gave the israleis the chance to destroy the remaining traces of their houses, fields, olive trees, placs of worship..etc. Google the the israeli massacres in palstine and you will seewhat I mean. Palestine has always been inhabited by Muslim and Christian arabs who constituted the greatmajority of the population. if the UN collaborated with the Britsih occupation and the silence of the west towards thepoor palestinians, this would neveer mean that they are not the palestine is not their land. All the jews who came from the east or the west know these facts and they know that they don't belong to this part f the world. Prof. Naom Chomskey is an honest enlightened jew who knows the truth and he is not afraid to say it. I want the whole world to wake up and ask the UN to implement the rsolutions in the drawers and they are so many. can you do it?