The Wall Street Journal weekend edition discussed a new trend among senior citizens -- brain gyms. But can computer games and green tea really ward off dimentia?

Discoveries about neuroplasticity--the brain's ability to rewire itself throughout life by creating neural connections in response to mental activity--as well as Americans' growing fear of age-related dimentia, has led to the new brain centers, which "promise to keep older minds sharp with computer, walnuts and green tea."

According to the Journal, "Sparks of Genius, in Boca Raton, is a Florida start-up drawing older adults with "scientific-based brain-fitness workouts." In southern California, a dozen "Nifty after Fifty" fitness clubs are combining traditional exercise with time in front of computer screens, claiming that mental calisthenics work best after physical exercise. Canyon Ranch, a Tucson, Ariz.-based spa operator, has added a series of "Memory & More" programs at its Lenox, Mass., resort, which include classes in brain nutrition, genetic workups, and cognitive training."