Mr D Bowie only went some of the way asking 'Is there life on Mars'? What about the old sky god? Is Yahweh V.2 on Mars? and if he is, how does he pass the time, given his little objects of love, the creatures he created Mars for (us) are a few million miles away? If he created the universe for us, then what was his point in making it so unattainable? At this rate come Armageddon, we'll barely be landing people on there! Does he visit Alpha Centauri just to check the real estate prices? Does he miss his little pets when he does? What was the point in creating such an unimaginably vast universe, the majority of which, to an embarassing degree will remain unknown to us? I mean it makes a lovely backdrop and all... but did he really have to go that far, or was he just showing off?!