Peace is the key to sustainability in the 21st century. The notion of peace and its value in the world economy is not well understood. Historically, peace has been seen as something won by war, or else as an altruistic ideal. Yet peace is the prerequisite to create the environment to achieve the levels of co-operation necessary to address the current global challenges that humanity faces including; climate change, loss of biodiversity & lack of fresh water.

Business and economics can be a key in helping to create the conditions that are necessary to build and maintain peace. Indeed, one of the biggest beneficiaries of peace is the business sector. Businesses generally wish to invest and reap the greatest rewards in areas of minimal violence, yet phrases such as 'the economics of peace' or the 'economies of peace' are rarely used, studied or researched. It is necessary to develop approaches to measure the economic benefits of peace for global companies so that they can better understand where to invest and the likely returns from such decisions.

Economic Sustainable Prosperity is dependent on peace and the correct global business investments will underpin peace. We need collaborative global solutions on a scale unparalleled in history.


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