I am deeply disturbed by the seeming decline of the cult of the intellectual. Since when has an intellectual not been given respect/recognition or even common decency. So many in todays youth are being labeled as "nerds" or "geeks" because they display an aptitude for learning or even a simple thirst for knowledge. At school, I was an intellectual, and was often ridiculed and bullied for it, an yet, I have turned that to m advantage today, and am using my intellect to get ahead in life, while i find many of the people who were more socially acceptable to now be in dead-end jobs, with unhealthy habits an unhappy lives. Many years ago, men of science and learning were credited with being the best a man could be, to seek knowledge about the world and its workings was seen as the highest of callings, whereas now, many people would rather befriend a movie star than a biologist. So, good people, I ask you, has the world truly lost sight of what is important? Has the public truly lost respect for learning and culture? Why are the intelligent yet humble ridiculed, while many uncouth and publc figures cheered and celebrated (case in point, the TV show Big Brother). Why is a man who will dance naked in a house full of people he doesn't know, in front of a nation of TV viewers more deserving of public praise than a man who has discovered a new element? Tell me, am I mad and deluded, or have we truly lost our way?