For exapmle: Some religious and spiritual teachings say we are reincarnated after death. Also that we are all connected, we are all "one." Christianity says we all have common ancestors- Adam and Eve. Science also says the same thing. Science tells us that we really are all connected. When we die we decompose and provide nutrients for the life that will grow out of the soil we are buried in. Basically the stuff we are made out of eventually becomes part of another life form, just like when we eat a cheeseburger, some of the fat that belonged to the cow goes into out bodies and becomes part of us. IF you think about it that means we, the stuff that we are made of, lives forever. Science also tells us that we do have a common ancestor- apes via evolution. I'm sure you could think of a few other examples on your own. Are science and religion really just two different ways to look at the same picture? Or are they totally opposite?