Utopia, in it's greatest imaginable extent, exists and has existed all along.

When we "step away" to observe the present, or if possible any historical, moment and truly observe the universe, inclusive of this planet in it's completeness, we will observe utopia.

The human species is estimated to be approximately 10,000 'years' old. A mere blip on the universal existence 'screen.' So many humans have evolved 'blinders' or narrowed vision leaving them without the concept or understanding towards the grandeur and unfathomable presence of the universe, as well as all that has occured during the geological evolution of this planet/world we have labeled Earth.

Why would anyone think humans would be responsible for creating a utopia, much less a Utopian society when we have not demonstrated the ability, experience or knowledge to understand beyond our 'safe, composite' individual existences? The most significant example of the "blinders" so many choose to "wear is Pride. An individuals choice to see only what they choose, i.e. what they place right in front of their selves. Pride, of any sort, is an embellishment of something favored or believed, it does not lend towards an honest reality view.

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