I understand many companies in the U.S publishes a free magazine, and distributes it to
Internationally to qualified readers.

The advertisers are investing a lot of time and money in their magazine and the publishers don't spend their dollars lightly; they want their ads to be relevant and seen by as many readers as often as possible. The advertisers do not promote their products or services just for the sake of doing so. As the publishers are aware, theirgoal is to increase their magazine's distribution by exposing their publication to more qualified readers within the world-wide target audience.

Is it a good idea, I offer an exciting proposal in which I can help the publishers  reach thousand of new readers. What would the publishers think of the opportunity of seeing their magazine printed in my country in the FAR EAST and  and distributing it to potentially hundreds or thousands of their readers in the FAR EAST countries?

The publishers only need to provide us their electroic file and the reprint rights for our country. I am able to reprint their FREE magazine in our country at a fraction of their normal cost and distribute it to all their inquirers.

The labor and material costs to print magazines in the United States it is very expensive compared to our country. Moreover, the postage costs to ship hundreds or thousands of copies also severely reduces your profits.

How is my idea?


email: crosswiseent@gmail.com