The God of Abraham is revered by the 3 great faiths. He is described by all as 'loving'... even though he clearly is a nasty old thug in some of the writngs. The Christians go further and say Jesus loves me! well, again, thanks but no thanks. But at what price this 'love? Some on this site have enjoined, he loves me 'unconditionally' Wow! But for me the poison pill at the heart of this idea is in the fine print of the 'good news'.. Worship me, and no-one else, or rot in hell for eternity. Some love. Some choice.

And I'll continue to live a good and decent life, harming no one, expecting neither reward nor condemnation when I shuffle off, but according to the friends of Jesus, the fires of hell await me... same fate as Hitler, Stalin and an innocent child that died young in a village in Africa that never even heard of the gent. Now tell me again please of this god of love, and where I am in error in my logic.