By now, most people have heard of ethanol, and know it can be made from corn, really anything which contains hydrogen and carbon can be a fuel, but I digress. Should ethanol become big, which it will take about five to ten years to get cars made which  can run on  E85 or pure ethanol on the road in large numbers with fueling stations in all 50 states.  If ethanol becomes big, by which  I mean it supplants petrol (gasoline  in the  US), it will push the price of corn up and should provide a stable price for corn, great news for farmers, and assuming the government cuts back on agricultural subsidies as a result good for republican senators because it lets them talk up trimming government spending, not that the agricultural lobby would support cutting subsidies but still, it sounds like the agricultural lobby wins big if ethanol supplants petrol, so is this why ethanol is John Edwards and many other people's big plan to cut CO2 emissions?