Everybody knows that the english is a limitated and a difficult phonetic language. Other languages like spanish, french or chinesse  have got the double number of words than english and  latin have got an history of expresing  science, almost more than english. Thought english is a language very usefull for politics is a big compendium of onomatopoeias like slash, crash that  can´t  compare with other languages to expresing the dificult reality of the science. In other words scientist only have to change his traditional words with other like Hence, for example, to change it in a serious version of the text. That´s the reason because Europe, except United Kingdom, is a big bag of cualitative researchs, because of the complex grammaticar and syntaxis, keeping our eyes in cuantics and USA is a big bag of cuantitative researchs keeping your eyes in a milimetric solution.


What do you think about it?