The following is from a thread started by pokoj and getting a little off topic:

"I would like to know what atheism is if it is not a claim. I'm not sure why a claim's reaction is not a claim. I guess what I am saying is if it is not a claim, defend the fact that it is not a claim.

My Assertion: Atheism is a claim

Argument: Atheism does not stand alone, it is a part of a worldview - a way of viewing reality. Once someone claims atheism, they have made claims in other areas, because those things naturally follow. For example, biology will have to some form of naturalistic evolution. I have developed this point in other threads so I'll spare you the long version, but (morality - moral relativism; psychology - man is only physical; philosphy - naturalism, etc.) All of this is a way of looking at reality - it is a perspective, not a non-perspective and as such it should be defended."

It just seems to me that if atheists are saying something, whatever that something is should be defended.