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Introducing Mind Lab: The all singing, all dancing, interactive psychology class

Mind Lab is an awesomely mind-bending little project created by Japan’s Science and Technology Agency. It consists of four fully interactive classes of about fifteen minutes each on the workings of our visual perception, perfect for completing in a lunch break (though you’ll need headphones). The first class covers blind spots and allows you to measure the size of your own blind spot before going on to explain eye saccades and apparent motion. The second class addresses how our minds create 3D imagery, determine perspective and the impact of shadows on our perception. The third class looks at how we understand colour and how our minds can alternate between perceptions. The fourth and final class covers how we perceive contours and construct perceptions and relationships based on innate factors and our prior beliefs.

The seamlessly delivered interactive nature of the class really raises the bar when it comes to interactive learning. It’s difficult to imagine how the same lecture delivered the old fashioned way could communicate aspects of this topic nearly as effectively.

Credit: Japan’s Science and Technology Agency


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