My wife and son are both students at the University of Arizona. I am a sales manager for a car store here in Tucson. In my wife's general education class (Meterology) she came across Mr. Branson's passion to help globally with the environment. In specific "Global Warming".   I have some Intellectual Property that I would consider sharing with him. My concept can substantially reduce the carbon footprint created by gasoline powered automobiles. I would require a non disclosure agreement proir to any discussion. I do not trust anyone with this information. For many years I have been afraid of the big oil companies, my safety, and the safety of my family. I have never devulged this to anyone, but the world is ready now and everyone is waiting for the solution to using fossel fuels. My solution is very simple and inexpensive(in comparison to some of the other ideas to solve the problem of global warming). However; I do not have the means to develop or market it. If you truly have an interest I have a solution.   Warm Regards,     George Jameson