When we look back at the Iraq war, it won’t be the administrations reasons for war that will haunt us. It won’t be the question, why did we ever go in the first place? It’s apparent that this was a venture fueled by greed, ego and lack of foresight. The thing that will haunt us will be the unnecessary loss of life and opportunity. The body count continues to rise and it is a shame to think that these young people gave their lives so Cheney and company could get their hands on more of our money. Do you think Bush and Cheney are losing any sleep over these deaths? They are so concerned with their power, money and political control that they are blind to everything else. The opportunities that could have been afforded by the proper use of that money are many. When I look at the things within this country that could have been addressed with several hundred billion dollars, I am overwhelmed with fury. SEVERAL HUNDRED BILLION! A million is a thousand thousand. A billion is a thousand million. A hundred billion is a hundred thousand million. SEVERAL HUNDRED BILLION! That money could have been used for programs within this country that would benefit the citizens of this country. That money, mostly spent on over bloated, no competition contracts with the same companies that have received huge tax breaks under this administration, is just gone. We will have nothing to show for it. This war has been taxpayer funded with money that hasn’t yet been collected. We will be paying for it for generations to come. The children of soldiers who bravely gave their lives will be paying for this war emotionally and financially. We now sit on the largest deficit in history. We have mortgaged our future on an unnecessary, ill-conceived, greed and ego driven war that we were conned into supporting when we were emotionally vulnerable. The fear and anger generated by the attack on 9/11 were used to justify this war. Facts were altered. Threats were fabricated. Intelligence was altered and supressed. We were lied to and manipulated. The soldiers that died could have lived and contributed in so many ways. I applaud and respect them for doing their duty, but am saddened that they were spent, like so many dollars. The insane amount of money, that has been conned out of us, could have helped so many do so much.  I hope we will learn something from all this, but if history tells us anything, it is that we don’t learn from our mistakes.