After many generations of the history books being altered, making Vikings out to be somehow more violent than the followers of the Bible, many of us are trying to regain our culture. It isn't about disrespecting anyone else's, but just getting back to our roots. For many generations, there has felt like there is something missing in many of our lives. Many people can look back and see where they came from, but those of us with cultures ransacked, by people who demanded their God be followed above all else, know very little about where we came from. Books were burned, Holy sites buried and churches placed on them, and even speaking the names of the old Gods, was made illegal. Those texts that were allowed to survive, were often altered. Being caught honoring your ways could have had you tortured, and even burned alive, and thus, much was forgotten. One does not have to believe in the Viking Gods to understand their importance. For example, History points to Odin as actually being a king at one time; a king that was highly respected and brought to his people a written language. One only needs to look at the runes, and then look at the English letters, to see where "English" came from. Most do not realize that English came from, "Ing-Glyphs". "Ing" was a name of many honored folks in the region, and "Glyphs" are symbols/letters. Most of you don't know this because to make another society seem intelligent, or contributing to the greatness of modern culture, takes something away from people who believe their ways need to be the only one's recognized. There is much to be learned about this ancient way of life. No matter what religion you follow, it's always important to know our history, and I'm devoting my life to doing just that. I would be honored to meet others who share my passion for this way of life.