Who really has the power in Washington?

Mitt RomneyFmr. Governor, Massachusetts (R)



Who really has the power in Washington?

Mr. Romney, everyone knows where the real power is. It is not with the government, for if it was, Congress would not be so fearful and powerless, nor express such worship of a lame-duck President. If the government held the power in Washington, 9/11 would not have been such a convenient 'surprise attack,' Jack Kennedy would not have been assassinated and Iraq would not be such a fiasco.


We could argue that the people hold the power, but that would be a trite and cynical proposition. It is acknowledged that the people in Washington care more about fattening their portfolios than they do for the American people. In fact the American Dream seems to have created a lot of 'me firsts' who care nothing for the common good of America, nor her citizens. And that is acknowledged by Americans; and that is the motivation behind America raising up a Hero in Obama to defeat the Establishment's choices: you and Ms. Clinton.


It is obvious that there is a Shadow Government or a DEEP STATE that runs the show in Washington and that VP Cheney may be one of the puppet masters. I, like many American Liberals deeply fear for Mr. Obama's life, for, in America, they only assassinate liberals.