O.K. I'm a 18 year old teenager, Who is haveing a arugement with my parents. I wont 1 side this. My sister is 20 who just got her first part time job which is 30 mins away, because no one will hire her around here. It basicly cost alot of money just to get there and back. I on the other hand am getting a full time job, witch will problem be in a 5-10 min radius. Our family has 3 cars. They keep telling me that she gets the car no matter what. Its not quite fair i belive that she is able to have a job that is 30-45 mins away for a part time pay. I want a full time job but im limited to just a walking distance because my sister is speical and she can go to her part time job 45 mins away. i think its stupid.. YES I KNO this is a stupid questions.. AND yes i kno im probley comeing off as a bitch. SO please just keep your comments to solving the problem.