Well yesterday befor i went to bed last night i was thinking into becomeing atheist (i cant spell ...) and i been haveing weird christian experiences in the last 2 years.. last nights dream i was walking with a few people towards a park.. and it  went almost pitch black with the bigest storm clouds i have every seen it was soo dark.. for some reason it was like the end of the world.. it was just a weird feeling i had i just knew it was the end ..  and i asked why is it so dark outside n so stormy to a person i never seen befor.. and they said " there is no peace with out god" exactly wut that said... i didnt give any thought to it untill i woke up but next thing i knew i was ontop of the hill at the park it was soo dark... and i had a great idea to take a picture of how dark it is with me in it.. so i went over and gave some1 my camera.. i had my arms raised.. i looked at the picture i had my arms raised n head bowed like jesus on the cross... ANYONE HAVE ANYIDEAS WUT thats all about?