I played the Goonzu game for a few months, my heart had too many feelings, and this game is playing what in the end, playing goonzu gold or playing the feelings.

  It is wind outside the window, and I numbness under the keyboard, watching the computer screen in a daze, reminiscent of the past acid sweet, think of all people cry. In this long Goonzu road, who join me through? The game the same as reality, it also need friends, need a paternity can go with own people. I spent some money to buy goonzu gold, so I can find to find together with in the other half Goonzu down and eventually found nothing, I despair, I gave up, I sad, and I cry.

  So I decided to closed my own heart, I played lonely, I gave up to find, put aside feeling. I upgrade, take account and earn goonzu money a person. I live a little good; I think I have been really put aside.

  One day, I saw the accident from a satellite across the horizon; I know it was a meteor, meteor wishes can be heard and to achieve, so I promised my wish. I know that in fact, I simply not put aside. In fact, I really do not a happy one, with all the dream of a meteor crash, which I do not know where to dream, I pray meteor all the way safe. Also do not know how long after, I also despair to meteor, I feel I was too silly, and that is only an ancient legend, how to achieve it. I give up again, but I did not cry.

  Pitch dark sky, several lamp lights a weal light, drizzling rain also took the wind, a bit cold, and I got up to close the window and come back again play my lonely number, but I found the other half of my life. At that time, he is a new player, I have no hesitation T a people, and group him, which is perhaps fate, really, the fate of the block to have unstoppable. I told him how to play Goonzu and how to earn more goonzu online gold. We recognized in this way.   After, we married, we have kind of tacit understanding between us, and I like our mutual trust, like chat with each other together. I like when he go to upgrade and earn cheap goonzu gold, he took me. I like him in every place, I like to find an online on his name, and I like to have his days.

  Since I find him in my life, I have many friends, and play with them I forget lonely and unhappy. I like to listen to them say see you being bullied, I am very sad. The first time I heard, I really tears. I really hope we can continue playing in the Goonzu game.