The time flies so quickly that I do not count out how many days I leave you and the net game. As for you, will you continue to love me if she does not appear between us? Or if I know the result similar to this in advance, should I fell in love with you at the beginning? By now, I still have a lot of questions but nobody can help me to answer them, expect you. Remember clearly, you said that because I deceived of you, you chose to go against me. However, in fact, these reasons are your excuse because you did not want to think that you hurt me. Someone often provides such reasons to go for themselves and attributes the responsibility to the other. You are this kind of people. Although you bring the hurt to you, I will not blame you because I love you with my whole life not owing to your rappelz rupees. You do not know that I am always saving the money for you to buy the gold. But in your opinions, you think that I stay with you in order to get something good from you. I am not that kind of person.After that little quarrel, I think that it is the same as the former one and you will come to apologize to forgive your mistakes by sending me a lot of rappelz gold. But I wait for you for many days and can not receive your messages. At that time, I feel that the sky is dark and my heart is hurt. I ask myself do not you love me or you have loved another girl?I can not control myself to run to look for you because I love you so much. When I find you, it is surprised that there is a wedding held between you and the girl. Do you know that I hold my tears in the eye and fell down at that moment? If you tell me the fact that you do not love you as before, I will have no words to complain you and respect your decision. But you do not do that. On the contrary, you tell me that I am only concerned about your rappelz money and do not love you at all. Facing your explanation, I will not to find any words to prove myself because you will look for any excuse to go for yourself. I have nothing to do but go away with tears. When I come back home, I make a decision that I should leave you and the game. Hence, I send the cheap rappelz rupees to your account and you do not need to buy rupees with your money. Maybe, it is the last thing that I can do for you.