I played this game for a long time and in that world of the game, I have been a strong player. Hence, I had a few adversaries who want to fight against me. Maybe, because of this reason, a lot of girls would express their reins to me. However, to tell the truth, I had no any feelings with them because in reality if I have no the strong skills and money, I think that they will not like me. The world of the game is the same as the reality, when you have a little skill, you would get the deferent results from the others. For example, you do not need to spend more money to own your gold because a lot of kin need the strong players to protect their kin, they will buy the runescape gold for you as your reward. I am not willing to get the free cloth or equipment from the others and only want to set my own kin by myself, so I spend 100w rs gold to buy a lot of equipment for my kin and under the help from several friends, I enlarge my kin. Besides, they bring their waves and change their account number to enter into my kin. Because we all are the stronger, our kin get very big in the short time in this game and a lot of small kin all admire ours. But one day when a girl who is a beautiful girl enters into my kin, I am attracted by her. In my mind, she is very chastely so that a lot of boys follow her in our kin, but to their unlucky, they are all refused. As a leader in the kin and in order to save the face of our kin, I decide to follow her. As I thought, she also refuses me and she tells me that if I want her to accept me, I must give up my kin. Hearing her words, I feel very angry and ask her that I will not give up my kin because of her. In fact, I know a lot of girls like the cheap rs gold, so I send 5w to her but she still refuses. I do not believe she is so special and begin to give her up. However, I find she does not like the other girls who like the very beautiful cloth and the strong amour-propre, instead of staying lonely. Suddenly, a strange idea comes into my head that I want to protect her because I am the leader of this kin to buy runescape for her to make her happy. Perhaps, she is moved by my behavior and agrees to communicate with me by using the enough runescape money.From then on, we are very happy and she has been my wife in that kin. Besides, I will cherish the love between us.