Today ,when I went to the internet café ,I found that I can not took money with me ,but your café boss is so kind that he turned on one computer for me for free ,when I log on the game ,I played flyff ,when I play games I did not want anyone to trouble me ,when you played this game ,you can have your own flyff penya ,at first I did not know how to buy it ,but do not worry ,you can be helped by other people ,and all of them will help you friendly .At the beginning when I play this game ,I have no flyff money at all ,I was gave the money by my friends .The next time they also gave me their money ,but I did not accept their money ,because I have know how to buy flyff penya .Two hours later, the boss came to me and asked me ,that if I have enough time in his café that he will also turned on computer for me ,but I must stay in his café all one day long and keep care for his internet café ,for he will be board the next month ,oh ,my god ,I thought ,how lucky I am .That is to say ,I will have this café one month or longer .Ok ,of course I like ,and I will do my best for taking care of it . The boss also was very happy ,that is he can go board ,and to me ,is the luckiest thing ,I will play games at anytime I like .And we all smile to each other ,after a while ,he turned around again ,and gave me the key which can open the door ,and we both felt happy ,he can go freely and I can play freely ,and from this time we are friends ,the closest friends .In order to play the highly level ,and the day when he left he told about something our cheap penya  ,I felt everyday is so lucky for me ,with which we had talked ,I get much more flyff gold than before . That day when we separate ,we leave our telephone number for each other to communicate and after contraction .During that days ,I find I had much flyff gold ,and also my skilled in playing game is more better. How lucky I am ,And sometimes he will call me tell me something about the café ,the game and something about himself ;and when I have trouble with the game or about myself I also will call him ,let him tell me how I to do !