We are approaching a world population of 7 billion; 100 years ago the world population was barely over 1 billion.

Considering the impact of human overpopulation as it relates to war, genocide, extinction of species, pollution, and rapidly diminishing natural resources, of immediate concern fresh water, isn't it time for serious steps to control world population?

The primary cause of human overpopulation is religion; initially by attempting to castrate human sexuality, harnessing the pent energy for religious profit, and later by encouraging rampant replication for further religious profit, we need to cut off the head of the consumerism snake: organized religion. 

Given options, it's been statistically proven women with access to and education about family planning limit their offspring based on their economic status.  In the modern, First World, urban environments (where populations are in fact trending) women have the option of struggling to survive with children or preventing pregnancy altogether and having a comfortable lifestyle with no progeny.  Women from Sydney to Moscow to Tokoyo have recognized that economically we've reached population critical mass and have stopped breeding.  Global and multi-national organizations recognize that this trend will cause a decline in profits, a shift of power towards labor, and ultimately a complete restructuring of economics towards collectivism via the internet.