Rooters News Agency reported anthropologists recently discovered a little known sect of coffee cup worshippers in the Ukraine. They claim their patron is Saint Denys the Logical and base their beliefs on his texts. Worshippers pour hot coffee into a cup and then pick up the handle, pause and chant 'the handle is only an assumption, but it's the best one we have', they then genuflect 5 times, hop on one leg and drink the beverage. When asked why they revere the coffee cup, one UK devotee HP said, 'you try drinking coffee without it'!!  They are mostly a peaceful group, but do have issues of conflict with the next village, who drink tea, and then have a nice lie down.

S44... again it's got your fingerprints all over this one my friend. With all the quality of information at our disposal as RO points out, is it not a useful assumption to say 'god does not exist' at least in any form that would make one iota of difference to us (hi Herbie)..  therefore the freeing up of time and resources by putting humanities energies into useful pursuits would be of huge benefit to everyone?! therefore atheism is useful, agnosticism just leaves the door slightly open for a pantheist toehold.