It's very simple, really. Remember Wikipedia? Well, the world needs a Wikipedia Green. It would be a central clearing house, in cyberspace, for people around the world, to share ideas about doing the things necessary, to get this planet on the right path. It would be accessible to anyone with access to a computer, to participate. People could have chat rooms, send in links to new and interesting and vital websites, like this one, they could exchange information, people could submit original articles on any topic that relates to righting this planet. It should be set up so that interesting books pertaining to this topic, are available, online, through this central source. For a small fee, anyone could have access to read books and magazine articles, from the best minds on the planet, much like they can hear the thought of some of the best people around, on this site. Both formats are necessary, and compliment one another. The difference is, when you put something in print form, you spend a lot more time at it. The cumulative effect of this could be enormous, in time, and would speed up a change in public consciousness which is necessary to start to change the things we need to change.