I am very new to this site and would like to bring up for discussion: The Bible. How should it be interpreted? I've browsed through some of the videos and responses to those videos and found them lacking. I heard people say the Bible is irrelevant because it has many inconsistencies without giving any examples or evidence to support that claim. I hear people say things like: "There are so many translations that the original meaning has been skewed." without providing any citation from the Bible to support their claim. So, I'd like to provide some prompts to help focus the discussion and perhaps improve arguments on both sides.

1. How did we get the Bible we have today? What were the methods of translation and compilationn? Things like that.

2. What are different denominational (even Nondenominational) views on the validity, importance, and interpretation of the Bible?

3. What are different views on the validity, importance, and interpretation of the Bible from the standpoints of other religions or belief systems such as Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Atheism, etc.?

4. What is your opinion based on your own personal experience of The Bible?

I'd also like to provide you with a site that has multiple, searchable translations and versions of the Bible for your use in this discussion. It is http://www.biblegateway.com/. Please USE this site to make informed quotes and citations from the Bible in your arguments. I really want to know what people have to say about this topic so please, go ahead and have at it.