People live acording to different moral codes. And asking different people what is moral and what is immoral will ilicit different responces. So how can we ever say what is or is not moral?

Latly i have been readin up on Kant, and he has i think an interesting theory of morality that intrigued me. Now i think different parts of his theory are inconsistent with each other so i will focus on the one deffinition i liked best.

People as ends in themselves. What makes human beings different prom everythin else in the universe (to our knowledge) is that we have ends and we adopt meens to meet those ends (kant did not belive this really aplied to animals but i tend to disagree). This makes us as Kant puts is ends in ourselves, because we instill value upon other things that makes us inherently valuble.  So if people are ends in themselves what ever we instill value upon is our choice and no one can tell us it is moral or imoral. The only definite moral wrong acording to Kants theory is treating people as meens to your own ends. Which basically boils down to making them act agains their will, acting upon them against their will, or fooling them in some way. You can still use people to your own ends but you must make your ends their ends. For instance u get a cab and ask the driver to drive u somwere he agrees and now getting there is also his end, so even though you are using him an hes using you its mutually accepted by both parties.

Basically the only moral obligation we have is to respect other peoples free will.

Now i know this is not the most detailed explanation of the theory, but i would just like to know what you all think about this.