Manpollo asks poignant questions, questions needing great reflection and strong thought towards finding the solution(s) for the present and future of learning.

The guidance and stimulus for learning begins at home and are affected by the 'reasons' children are parented. Alas, the first 'teachers' most of us encounter are not often patient enough, balanced in how love is expressed or know how to (re-)connect to stages of life development, they have not experienced their selves in many years.

From the earliest age possible, a 'human becoming' needs to have demonstrated and shown that learning is their life. It is a boundless process throughout one's existence. And a child must never be discouraged to ask "why" and encouraged to appropriately explore "why not"? Listen more than talk to children, which teaches them to listen to their selves, gaining incredible self-insight.

We all can benefit from learning how to "connect-to-the-value-of-why." This is Value as a verb, not valuation by quantifiable terms. Learning to begin any inquiry, communication and/or task from a "true beginning"; as opposed to a "part-way-in" perspective (which is based on one's present level(s) of capability, experience and knowledge) is an important process lending towards immeasurable learning as well as being open to learning while making honest, sincere choices within one's individual evolution(s).

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