Damnit, im pissed at society.

 We focus on the failing student, the quality of books, the funding of the schools and so on. As a student, who the hell came to me to explain how to motivate myself to study, how to create a plan to be successful and how to go towards what I could be happy in. In all the years we go to school, we never learn how to learn. We expect people to just do it, and do it well, by magic. I would love to see the same mentality applied to business. Imagine this, when you are hired, just work, we will not tell you how to be good at it, but we expect you to know what to do.

Education is so vital so our lives, I think most of us would agree, but it seems like we do not spend enough time teaching people how to acquire this education in an effective, fun way that will make people learn more, so that they can- learn more -

 How do we work on our kids so that they will use their potential. When is the last time you heard a program to do just that, or a piece of the budget pie to do that. Would it be great to create a field of study * how to exploit your potential to its fullest*. Whould it be great to have a portion in 3rd, 12th year, college that would teach students the latest study methods, the latest motivation theories and so forth. Help students help themselves, it will help them all their lives.