The Federal NCLB legislation has created some dramatic changes in K12 education.  It creates a sense of accountability that is good for driving quality in our schools.  The ideals of the implementation have often been criticized for falling short and even missing the point of what's important in education. 

American children are falling further behind their counterparts in other countries. Global competitiveness is raising the anxiety of the American businesses who are looking for qualified candidates with 21st Century skills.

However, other than the basics of reading, language, and math that represent the foundation of the 21st Century skills, NCLB is not creating accountability for what we "truly" value.

How can we hold our schools accountable for teaching the basics while at the same time increase the accountability for Global Competitiveness?  Is NCLB in the way?  If so, how can it be revised to measure and promote 21st Century skills?