With so many health problems in our nation directly related to food intake, how can we reform the food system to deliver healthy, convenient, affordable food to the underpriviledged? And how can we do it without a heavy government hand, but rather through presenting food that is simply preferential? I believe a degree of policy and education in the areas where dietary improvements are needed most would be necessary, at least in the beginning. I'm thinking: in addition to the McDonald's, Burger Kings, KFCs, Taco Bells, etc that generally provide the meals for individuals and families with less money to spend on food, a healthy version of all these  types of restuarants.  Grocery store food options may change, as well, but I believe that the "quick and easy" food options that are so appealing to poor neighborhoods, single moms, families with 4+ children, and more is an effective place to begin to address our nation's dietary crisis.