It is illusory in the network on a true story. A boy played Hellgate London, at first, he was not committed, and he just passed the time of it. He liked find friends chat in the game. Because he was novice, the level was not high, and he had no much Hellgate London Palladium, but he especially liked reference to friends and soon friends to the limits of the game. The middle had girls and also had boys. Later, he bought Hellgate Palladium for his number, because his number is too empty. One day, a girl said to marry with him and played together, he also promised happy. She let his number give her played. He did not think, he given her. The result we can use the toes to the head up. The number is empty. His only little cheap hellgate gold was also lost. Later, he played for another number, as is so like chat. Quickly he was familiar with his union people, and he and one of the little girls chat particular well. After chat, they found original number they are friends, but they do not remember when they added. The boy said, it is system increase us, we were so coming together. Saying these both laughed. Then a few days, boy and that girl have nothing special energy, the girl is an old player. She told the boys a lot of games inside tips, for example how to earn much Hellgate London gold, and the boy is often would like to ask many question to find the girl. The girl told him everything. Boy he did not know he on the game’s time become more, it is naturally. Later, they talked about the marriage. For marriage, the boy bought a lot of Hellgate gold, for bought the things to the girl, and the girl was also. Boys suddenly engendered the warm to the game that he had never had before, quickly upgrade, he even did not know. The girl had been accompanied him. One day, the girl told the boy, she actually have congenital heart disease, this time she pained terrible. Boy thought of girl in a 12 point night had also accompanied him, and he attempted to the heart. Later, the boy always told the girl to sleep early. Today, the girl said she might be when a sudden illness leaves; she let me not think her at that time. The girl told him the disease is sudden, the result no one knows, she hope the boy have a ready. She told the boy she was happy to find a good husband. She said she will be check to the hospital tomorrow.   That boy is me, regardless of girls can see that here I would like to say that girl under: wife, we said good to play good until the end of the world. You can not allow breaking. I am also here to pray: I wish my wife good health, everything will be good.