The New Year is coming. We all want to have a holiday. In accordance with the provisions of the country, we should have a three-day holiday. As the matter of fact, the company only gives us one day holiday, we all feel unhappy, but we have no idea. Every week, we only have one day holiday, I hope that I have two days holiday, if so I can travel, I can do more things I want to do. On account of that one day holiday is so short that I can not do extra things.

By chance, during that period of time, the weather is good; it is fit for out of the room. But I think the dream will not come true. I only can stay in the house and play RS. It is lucky that I have runescape gold accompany with me, if so I will not feel too boring. Why I play the game, I think it is the fate. At one time or another, I do not like to play the game, one day, I felt bored, and so I chose a game to play. As a result, I began my career of RS, the first day, the feeling is wonderful. I remembered the first I bought runescape money, at that time, I felt very happy. Although I used my money to buy it, I was not regret. I also remember that I dropped for the first time. I lost a lot of things, I was very angry, but I had no idea. Maybe in the game, there is a lot of memory which regardless of ups and downs have too many records for the first time. I have those days when upgrading to become successful and enjoy the scenery of joy, because I feel like every step of the climb, put on a beautiful piece of clothing and weapons, they all made me very happy. Although it needs cheap rs gold sometimes, it was worthy doing this. Later I recognize a lot of friends, we can work together to chat, to train power leveling and to share happiness to share equipment. I like this feeling, I believe we all, watch the other side of the line, day by day, the applause for the RS.Even though I can not go out and have a long holiday, I have these friends accompany with me, I do not feel lonely. During the period of time, I will not leave rs gold. At the same time, I will buy runescape in time.