After years of prostitution infection, I began to find that time as computer viruses, we can not see that often hide in the background, many of the things wiped off quietly and read some things. At the same time, the memory is like a poison in an invasion of a person's emotional cell. Sometimes, I think we should forget the boring things, after all, every day we should have good mood, in order to leave a beautiful memory.

  At the moment, I have a holiday, so I decide to play the game. This doomed the holidays I will not be lonely. In the absence of a study of the pressure, I can enjoy myself every day. One day, I touched Habbo. It is the first time I met this game. At that time, I have not much interested in the game, but I bought some habbo credits, because I was very boring.  Since I enter into the game, my life is changing. Second time, I bought habbo gold; I thought I was indulged in this game. It is a secret, less than the last; you never know what the outcome is. I had no feeling that two month had gone; I had to went to the school. After came into the new situation, I think that everything should start again. Everything is new. But Habbo is an old friend of mine. Just entering the school is all feeling so strange; I am not familiar with the people and not familiar with the matter. Only Habbo accompany me. I always buy habbo gold; I realize that I can not leave it. It is my loyalty friend.   Even though I will have new situation, I will not change my hobby. At the moment, I have habbo coins a little, but I believe that it will always be in my side. The day I have Habbo is passed so quickly that I can not reflect.   Since I play the game, on account of the cheap habbo credits, every day, it full of the sunshine, even though some time I do not feel happy, the game will let the unhappy go, I think the game is my best friends. At the same time, it is not the human, it has no feeling, in the world of the Habbo, I am free, and I do not care for the boring things. At present, the game record the road about the grow op of me.