I have played the game for one year; I once thought that I was not addictive into the game, not to mention a personal favorite on the mind. Perhaps, it is the arrangement of the god willing; I have known you, a beautiful goddess. There is a lot of gw gold in the game, so I often go to play the game to try my best to get them more and more.

At that time, I did not mention you that you have come to our family. Several days later, suddenly, I was attractive by your name, so I call you to chat with you, so we know each other. You say I am very strong, and then I tell you the GuildWars Gold, you say you want to get them. In this game, there is a lot of money, we can play the game to buy them, since then, I play the game day by day and day and night.

Before I know you, I activities are in the time of the game, now, too many more lives, too many beautiful things in the life. Since then, I play the game than before, I am with you and you and I did not suspected of the low level, I have been so concerned about you, so I can get the Guild Wars Gold a lot, some of them I will give you and the other I will give myself. If you tired, I will take your hand to walk. I said that is nice roadside flower, if the sweat of the seeds of love can blossom well, you are smile and you are very beautiful. You say here is nice style; I said that I would not separate with you forever. 

Some days later, you go to the other place, I lost you and I often miss you. I am not the color of the sky; I have no spirit to work and do not want to do anything. So I only go to earn the GuildWars money to miss you. I want to give up the game, but I could not bear of you. Some day, I find you suddenly in the game, but I have no courage to meet you, so I do not call you in the game. Your leave make me sad.

I play the game every day to find you. And I buy a lot of cheap gw gold to give you. I want to retain you but now I think it is a waste. But I think you are my love forever and it is my favorite.