When I was in Poli Sci 101 the biggest lesson I learned was that in the pursuit of happiness, the government needs to interefere as little as possible. Well I say they have overstepped their boundaries. I so choose, I want to cross the street here, not a half mile up the road where there is a crosswalk. If I wanna ride my motorcycle without a helmet I damn well should be able to. If I want to smoke weed, I DAMN well should be able too. HOWEVER, I know you're all itchin at the bite to say something and I'll eliminate the need. There needs to be some kind of waiver that's all. If I choose to smoke, cross the street, do something unsafe, or simply do something that is not "legal" in terms of the government, then i forfeit my rights as an individual to hospitalization/healthcare if I get smoked by a car, hit my head off the ashfault or develop lung cancer. I hate it how so much of our lives are controlled by god awful political decisions that were made ages ago and the inability to adapt to the evolving world.