Lately there has been a growning tension between atheists( the non beleivers) and the theists(the beleivers) all over the net forums of both sides are brisrtling with insults and its gone to the piont were we dont know who started this ever growning debate( and even if we did know it would not stop). In all objectivity i would like tpo say in a sense both sides are guilty of attacking each other; On all forums those who beleive post and blog insults and vice versa. i find this quite childish,this is how genocides and wars start; One side acuses the other side of injustice or just existing and declares a war or irradication of said side.If both sides think that they are right, that there theory is truth(Im calling it a theory because we cant truly and honestly prove that there is the existence of a all powerfull god or not) why dont thye just leave each other alone because they know that truth(them) and not falseness will prevail at one piont or another, they just have to wait.

lets stop fighting each other, grow up, respect each other, move on and agree to disagree.