Re: GOD is love [live with it]

by johannine on Thu Jul 17, 2008 10:58 pm

just my final thoughts on the matter
we can believe as we chose

as this section is about religion
i thought to explain about god
presumably the real reason BEHIND religion

anyhow im not good with words
so i try to say it here in some small movie clips
but we can chose or choose not to
i will leave it up to you

see that god uses ALL of us to make this reality 'REAL'
gods living moment is the ever now
it is HIS holy moment

think of life as a teaching [learning] dream
see our life is an infinite moment
made up of holy moments

here is what one live time moment looks like
in film
you will see the guy recording THE moment
its a pure moment

i picked it from other moments because it has words under it
that capture the living moment

this capture is like our lives
but this one we can replay
think of it as a life revieuw
[like the 10th insite] ... re=related

here are a few more moments to study
then we can get back to real time
dont get lost in the teaching [learn from it]

we arnt dreaming our lives
in live time [now] it is totally real
this movie is the dream
your reality is NOW
gods now
now know the past [and future is only a percieved dream]

ok here are a few more extracts from todays lesson in wholeness]
dont get hypnotised by the movie
god is giving each of us our own movie
stay in gods LIVE TIME living moment
[stay conbnected to the rEAL gods now arround you NOW
but watch this anyhow
just dont get lost in it

remember im using words
here is a thought about words
again dont get lost in the words or your perception of the words OR THE IMAGRY

ok now get ready for the 2 de insight
keep up with this one
dont get lost in the hands
it is very hypnotic
concentrate on what HE IS saying
[i had to watch it the 2 de time to get the whole revelation]

ok so here is one idea of what our future is to become
but see how it is based on fear
stay IN the love
stay IN the holy LOVING living MOMENT

like it allways seems to be based on our fears
dont be frightned
think what you can do to change
that those so full of fear do plan

dont get into the fear thing
this relates to the 2 de too
it is only an illusury curtain

see behind its illusion fearlessly
by controle of live time this future cant come

realise who you are
dont swallow the delusion by fearing it
One life giver via light sustaining all life,
who is revealer not revealed
LOGUS [logic>light>life>love] ... /index.php

my favourites list
revealing the vision behind the s/words ... neundergod

note previously ... eundergod1

any how PEACE eh

men can't be pefect
god alone is perfect

Our leaders are just like we are
thus we can go where they been
and they realise where we are

propaganda is not designed to fool the critical thinker
but to give moral cowards an excuse not to think at all.There is one creator god
who alone gave each living their life
we call the god father
we get to relise our father by loving life
loving living , loving love
to give grace and mercy unto all life
as we would be it to have be , given to us
we serve good/god life giver
or the life taker by our deeds
know the voice of love brings peace