For the past decade the theory of global warming has been widely accepted by many scientists, environmentalists, and the public. Also there have been many skeptics trying to disprove any so called "facts" that someone has proposed in support of the theory.

After stumbling upon an article printed in the Wall Street Journal, titled "Science Has Spoken: Global Warming is a Myth," I found a graph showing evidence of the Earth's temperatures in correlation with the fluctuations of the sun's magnetic field. It showed that more activity in the magnetic field had a direct effect on the Earth's atmospheric temperatures.

I studied the graph and remembered some research I had done in late 2007 regarding the Mayan calendar and it's end end in 2012. The information I researched had to do with the Sun's magnetic poles, it's magnetic field, and the idea of them flipping. In the research I discovered that every 11 years the Sun's magnetic poles reverse due to the sunspot cycle. Scientists also confirmed that the Earth's magnetic field has flipped too, but it hasn't happened in 740,000 years. Scientists have confirmed that in 2012 the sun's magnetic poles and the Earth's magnetic field will flip upon the peak of the sunspot cycle.

With the sun's increased activity and increased heat output this activity could be responsible for the increased temperatures recorded on Earth. This research has also prompted many questions:

Will the switching of Earth's magnetic field have an effect on global temperatures?

Will the change in 2012 prompt the end of Global Warming?

Were the Mayans correct in their astrological predictions?

What does this mean for the Earth and it's inhabitants?