Unwittingly, I now have to play Gaia more than three years, during the six months I have not played, it is because the equipment and gaia gold stolen. I am a hot personality, impulses, its own people, had been a game of the girls to beat. She brought me happy, but also brought troubles to me.

  I have not had to play Gaia, and occasionally I will play friend number, in order to spent time. One day, one more than 20 levels player asked me if I can as her husband. At that time, I think she is a fraudsters, I think that number had no things. So I asked her if she had QQ and video. She said she had. So we added QQ and started video, after a short of time video chat, I knew that she was not a liar, she just a new player of Gaia. Soon, we closed the video, we returned to the game, and I bought Gaia gold change some things that married need use, and we married.   Day by day has passed; I gradually fell in love with this girl. So I think I practiced a number with her to play. After a few days I told her that I want to have my own number. I have applied for a few days and again buy a little Gaia online gold. On the marriage of the moment, she suddenly shouted to divorce, I was depressed dead, I do not know what is happening, I have been asked how she is in the end, she said nothing and she only said she want to divorce. She is so vexatious to divorce; I had to frustration from under, and say friends that I am not playing. Later, she is not angry, I continue play this game.   I have been deeply in love with her, I like the middle of the night and her phone chat, because in the middle of the night when no one noisy us on the phone, we have only two voices, I also asked her to all me husband. I like the feeling that she called me husband. And I asked her to do my girlfriend; she declined to say she loves you, but now she can not do my girlfriend. She said to wait until two years after the family would not object. I promised and I said I can wait, but you are my scheduled girlfriend. She agreed, and we promised each other in two years after the lovers. Now, I only in the game to well to her, I only can send her some gaiaonline gold.

  Later, we often played together, we always upgrade and earned cheap Gaia gold together. We are very happy in the Gaia game. I really fell in love with the girl, and I also like the Gaia game.